Tren steroid review

Long overdue review of endurexx deca 250 and sarcoplex tbol
Used the deca at 500mgs a week for 13 weeks along with test e and c. At about week 6 my joints felt nice and lubed, which at my age is a very noticable effect, also my shoulders and chest really thickened up through weeks 6 through 10. I love how deca makes my muscles look and feel so full.
After week 13 of my test and deca cycle was done i took the tbol for 5 weeks at 40mgs aday and i really liked how it seemed to really cut me up alot and made my arms incredibly vascular, they were sick looking.

Duchaine would inevitably pay dearly for his research and involvement in the performance enhancing world; twice he would be charged, arrested and sentenced to prison for his involvement but this would appear to never phase this man’s desire for knowledge and understanding of the anabolic world; so much so that the anabolic using world owes much of what it knows to the late Duchaine. Unfortunately Duchaine’s life was short lived as this living breathing steroid encyclopedia lost his life in January of 2000 due to kidney failure at the age of 47. Upon his death it was determined Duchaine’s kidney failure was caused by hereditary polycystic kidney disease and with it the world lost one of the few who truly understood performance enhancing drugs.

Tren steroid review

tren steroid review


tren steroid reviewtren steroid reviewtren steroid reviewtren steroid reviewtren steroid review