Tren injection frequency

rainjack wrote:
shamus wrote:
I hear ya, Rain, but sus is one of my all time favorites! Those pre-loads from Mexico were great, once I learned to switch the fuckin' 18g needle to a 23! But, having said that, I do like the Test E a shitload better now, I get quicker steadier gains, but the sus I seem to keep more of the gains. I'm just gonna try the Tri-, hell, 1 cycle cant hurt. But appreciate ur opinion, it definitely makes sense. But when ya look at 3 types of tren at 150 mgs, 3x's per week, it seems better than one type, at 75mgs, EOD. You agree?

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Tren injection frequency

tren injection frequency


tren injection frequencytren injection frequencytren injection frequencytren injection frequencytren injection frequency