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The upfront costs for a solar installation are intimidating, but it is important to remember that solar panels  last 25+ years  and even a few additional fees will be more than paid for in that timeframe. Before planning your solar installation, consider the factors discussed above so you’re not surprised by unexpected bills. No matter what, you are making the best long term decision for your home, your wallet, and your planet. You’ll be saving money and helping to save the environment. There are many great incentives and  financing programs  available for solar. Adding it all up Once you know the size of the system that you need, the next step to figuring out what solar will cost per watt in your state. It’s important to always get solar prices in per watt so that you can compare across different system sizes. There is some variability in price per watt across different states. In 2017, the average cost per watt across most states is  roug hly $-$ .

Test prop vs tren

test prop vs tren


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