Test prop twice a week

If you're setting up a home bar for the first time, there's no need to run out and buy one of everything. “Always have vodka, and then one whiskey, either a bourbon or a rye,” says the anonymous NYC-based bartender. “Those are essentials. And then a couple of bitters—like Angostura or Regan’s Orange—and high-quality club soda and fresh juice.” Harry suggests making your own simple syrup, too—”It’s cheap and easy, and lasts a long time in your fridge”—but as far as equipment goes, you can skip the elaborate gadgets and gizmos. The only “specialty bar tool” you really need, according to Cowie, is a shaker.

No matter the quarterback, it would appear that the Eagles’ offensive system speaks to Zach Ertz. Granted, last week’s six catches for 56 yards and a touchdown came against the Giants, a defense that has struggled to cover tight ends all season, but Foles-to-Ertz was a success. Tonight, the duo gets a chance to carve up the Raiders secondary. Over the past six games, Oakland’s defensive backs have allowed 39 receptions for 500 yards and two touchdowns to opposing tight ends. Ertz will be busy and considering how often he’s targeted in the red zone, he’s as likely to score as any Eagle.

Test prop twice a week

test prop twice a week


test prop twice a weektest prop twice a weektest prop twice a weektest prop twice a weektest prop twice a week