Test prop side effects anxiety

matthew121 4 years ago @B-LOCO
That is my thread on Ology.
I took that picture.
Starting weight was 208. I weighed in @ 216 today Post work out.
Im 2 weeks into the cycle @ 100mg ED, strength is increasing, I feel safe saying this gear is G2G.
It is possible that the company has just updated the look of the packaging, and stickers on the vial. I am getting all the classic signs of good gear.
Who knows with these companys whats going on. Maybe being that english is not their first language when they redisigned the packaging they made the typo. Until someone tells me the got no results from this gear I wont believe its Bunk.
I am proof that its not bunk, neith my diet nor my training has changed since I started my cycle, and Im up 8lbs… Take that for what you will…

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There is also some crosstalk with the H 2 S signalling pathway and the nitric oxide pathway, since H 2 S can degrade the molecule known as S-nitrosoglutathione, [89] which serves as an intracellular (and to a degree, extracellular [90] ) reservoir of nitric oxide that garlic is known to stimulate. [91] Due to this, the influence of garlic on blood pressure and blood flow is in part due to nitric oxide signalling per se (the vasorelaxing effect of opening potassium channels to be discussed in the ion channels section [87] ) and in part an influence of the hydrogen sulfide system unto the nitric oxide system.

Test prop side effects anxiety

test prop side effects anxiety


test prop side effects anxietytest prop side effects anxietytest prop side effects anxietytest prop side effects anxietytest prop side effects anxiety