Test prop knot

Now that your Hidden Blade Mechanism is attached to your Bracer, the only thing left to do is affix the ring that activates the blade retracting mechanism, . pulls the lock out of the hole.  Start by drilling a small hole in the flat spring close to the end you ground to a point. Next tie a knot in your string and lace it through the hole so that the knot acts as a stopper keeping the string from pulling completely through.  Now tie the free end of the string to your ring, you may have to play around to find the proper length for the string so that when you pull your hand back the string pulls up on the spring and releases the blade.

Congratulations, you should now have a working Hidden Blade prop!! To deploy the blade, simply give a flick of your forearm and the blade will slide out and lock in place.  to retract the blade, lift your hand to pull the flat spring out of the depression in the blade releasing the lock.

I would keep the dimensions of the plane and use the smaller propeller. The smaller propeller will weigh less, the wing loading will be less, the sinking speed will be less. The propeller will be a bit less efficient, more importantly, will turn faster and will run out the motor turns more quickly. If you are flying indoors, that may not matter much, since you don’t have the altitude to take full advantage of the energy available from the rubber. But once the contest is over, you can put the bigger propeller on for sport flying outside.

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Test prop knot

test prop knot


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