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In other FotA news, Jay Ryan of The Bird Machine writes about a show of his work opening Friday, May 21st, at the Gallery at the Propaganda T-Shirt Company in Wicker Park, "Unless you've been spending considerable amounts of time inside my flat files, this is the first opportunity in a while to see a whole mess of my posters hung together in one place. It's not that this mass-poster-hanging is an attractive concept in and of itself, but you might want to see it in the same way that some people enjoy watching car crashes, midgets wrestling, or so-called 'reality tv'." For some more reality tv, check this video of Jay at work we made last summer. jc-

Obstacle Training. ’s 15,000 square foot facility is home to the best and most amazing obstacles to train for any obstacle race. Because we offer three levels of classes, Ignite, Blitz and Warrior, anyone of any fitness level can participate.
Prior to your first obstacle class you will have a one on one personal assessment with on of our trainers to determine what class level you should participate in, set goals, talk about nutrition and other ways to help you succeed. Our trainers are seasoned veterans not only in obstacle racing, but fitness and nutrition and will help you perform the best you can to achieve your goals and master your race.

This is my second time using this particular Lab. I've previous positive experience with Sis (when formerly known as Infiniti Labs) Anavar, so my expectations were some what inflated:)
Firstly, I was really impressed by the immaculate packaging of this product, which shows how much effort went into its manufacturing and marketing. I ran this product at a weekly dose of 400mg, in conjunction with Mast e and Test. Prior to introducing Sis Tren e into my current cycle, I was already using a different Labs Tren at a slightly higher dose of 500mg weekly. To be honest, I did not notice any difference, even when running Sis Tren e at a slightly lowered dose of 400mg for 5 weeks in total. I continued with making strength gains with a noticeable reduction in body fat, even though my diet wasn't always on point. I have had no adverse effects from the Tren, unless if you want to include night sweats. Overall, I am very satisfied with the results I got from use of this product.

Test prop kickstart test e

test prop kickstart test e


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