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Mike's not out to harangue violent movies, though. After all, he provides movies with guns for a living . But he is worried that the scores of bloodless PG-13 gunfights might trivialize reality a bit: "That, to me, is a big thing. I mean, a man has to have a reason to use a gun ... And it is fantasy, that's true, but that's what perpetuates the anti-gun media and the anti-gun people. Y'know, if we show the horrors of war, or the horrors of a criminal activity, fighting a cartel or whatever, things that go down by the border, we're showing the horrific things that go on where it is necessary to carry a gun to protect one's family. I think that's something that is important to show in a movie."

The Kegco brewing pots are constructed of heavy duty, food grade, 22 gauge, 304 stainless steel with a tri-clad bottom made specifically for even heat distribution. The boil pot comes equipped with a lid that was conveniently designed to hang on the kettle's handles. The silicone handles are riveted in place to assist when lifting a hot liquid-filled pot. This brew pot includes internal volume markers in both gallons and liters for quick and easy readings regardless of what recipe you're using The brew kettle features standard 7/8" accessory holes and weldless bulkheads for easy cleaning and customization. Perfect for brewing small batches, partial mash, or brew-in-a-bag systems - every detail of Kegco stock pots have been thought through to enhance the home-brewing experience.

It was with this philosophy that I decided to make the basic operation and gameplay of the machine entirely electromechanical, despite the fact that it would be much more difficult to implement than a design based around a programmable microcontroller. The only concession in using obsolescence–prone electronics would be for some optional higher functions and for the incorporation of music and sound into the machine’s operation. In particular, a separate module was envisioned to contain a microcontroller and sound reproduction electronics. This module could fail or be removed completely without affecting the basic operation of the machine, and ultimately this entire module could be redesigned around future components to perform the same function as the original without any change in appearance.

Test prop homebrew

test prop homebrew


test prop homebrewtest prop homebrewtest prop homebrewtest prop homebrewtest prop homebrew