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The squad for the Argentina test still shapes as a strong one, with the All Blacks' depth such that they can still put out a world-class lineup, even minus the class of regular starters Retallick, Whitelock, Barrett, Cane and Crotty. Barrett's absence for Buenos Aires, and no specialist fill-in, also indicates Damian McKenzie will be used to cover No 10 there, with Tasman's David Havili a chance to pick up a test debut at fullback.
Meanwhile, replacement players Akira Ioane (Auckland) and Tim Perry (Tasman) will return to their provincial teams, while Nathan Harris (Bay of Plenty) and Kaino will also turn out for their provinces this week.

Since Ruby and the introduction of RubyVM::InstructionSequence::load_iseq , we've been able to programmatically load ruby bytecode. By divorcing the process of running YARV byte code from the process of compiling ruby code, we can take advantage of the strengths of the ruby virtual machine while simultaneously reaping the benefits of a compiler such as macros, type checking, and instruction sequence optimizations. This can make our ruby faster and more readable! This talk demonstrates how to integrate this into your own workflows and the exciting possibilities this enables.

For property tax purposes, a severely and permanently disabled person is defined as "any person who has a physical disability or impairment, whether from birth or by reason of accident or disease, that results in a functional limitation as to employment or substantially limits one or more major life activities of that person, and that has been diagnosed as permanently affecting the person’s ability to function, including, but not limited to, any disability or impairment that affects sight, speech, hearing, or the use of any limbs."

Test prop all year

test prop all year


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