Increasing body mass

@ coachtodd   @ chelle520   You know, I just saw that same number on another site somewhere. I have a "Paleo" friend, and he's pretty lean but I have never really been a fan of cutting out certain foods entirely - and I'm getting too old for crazy. I also have never been "lean", even at my thinnest, I'm curvy. That being said (cutting food groups), my current plan is to cut out the "processed food group", pay more attention to if I am, indeed, hungry when it's "time to eat", take considerably smaller portions (I am aware of how much I've historically been eating), leave something behind on the plate, eat out less, switch to whole grains, drink water, since I'm not even sure how I'm still functioning with how little water I get. I don't drink soda or juice so I'm doing something right. I am considering keeping track on Weight Watchers, since that has worked for me in the past. It IS time-consuming, tho. For a while now, I've been eating like a 10-year-old with no parents. I want to thank you for your time, especially since my goal is not to get "ripped". Ultimately, I'd like to get back to my "thinnest", but I didn't exercise when I did that, and I feel that this time I really need to.

Lol...what's with all the Indian curlbros here Ram, Anil, Ajay, Ramesh ? This won't make much sense but stop focusing on isolation to start out with. Do Squats, Deadlifts and close grip pullups (chinups ) and watch your biceps explode. If you have to ask for photos and more details on these basic exercises chances are you haven't been doing any actual lifting. Just curling biceps every other day wont get you big arms.
Disclaimer : I am Indian too but not being a curlbro has helped me get Hrithik Roshan sized biceps (if that makes sense)

Increasing body mass

increasing body mass


increasing body massincreasing body massincreasing body massincreasing body massincreasing body mass